Nitya LLC

Accounting for Government Contractors

government contractorAt Nitya LLC, we're highly experienced in the complex world of accounting for government contractors. Businesses of all shapes and sizes rely on our financial advice because we understand that as a government contractor, your accounting processes must always be accurate, up to date, and in complete harmony with current DCAA guidelines and Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). We'll help you prepare bids and will make sure your accounting systems are tracking data properly so you don't have to fear when faced with an audit.

Cacluating costs properly is essential to success when working with the federal goverment but the process is time consuming and confusing for the average government contractors. When you work with us, we'll simplify the process and show you how to create winning bids that will incur the highest profits for your business. We'll assist you with identifying allocation bases and dividing pools of expenses, compiling indirect costs, and calculating fair and attractive rates for contract proposals. With guidance and support, your business will offer competitive rate calculations that allow you to recover all possible expenses and maximize profits on government contracts.

  • Government contracting financial management services
  • DCAA Compliance Reviews
  • Calculation of overhead, fringe, and indirect rates
  • Incurred Cost Submission preparation and reviews
  • Development of pricing strategies
  • Business and cost proposal preparation
  • Development of Forward Indirect Rates
  • Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Consultation
  • Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) compliance reviews
  • Development of accounting policies and procedures
  • Government contract accounting support
  • Profitability analysis and development of cost reduction programs
  • DCAA and GSA audit support
  • Contract management and administration support
  • Implementation of DCAA compliant accounting system
  • 8a application support
  • MWBE application support