Nitya LLC

Our Approach & Method

Our Approach

Our approach of engagement is simple. We believe in listening to our client’s needs and develop a thorough understanding of their business and personal situation. We invest time in listening and learning as that’s the best we can help our clients. We believe in full transparency so that expectations are clear. We believe this is the best way to start and build a new relationship of trust and confidence. We have a four-part approach to engage as stated below.

1) Initial Meeting

In our meeting, we gain more knowledge about you and your business, understand the current challenges you are facing and what are the current priorities on your mind that you want to accomplish. This is the initial step

2) Requirement Analysis

After the meeting we work with you to fully understand the requirements and agree to what needs to be accomplished and a timeline to accomplish.

3) Proposal

We submit a detailed proposal which outlines our responsibilities, client responsibilities and our fees.

4) Engagement

Once the proposal is accepted, we submit a letter of engagement to document our understanding of the scope of services, establish deliverables and time lines and fees for our services

Our Method

Our method of providing services is agile, technological savvy and industry best practice. As professionals, we have been doing this for a long time and have figured out the best and most efficient way to deliver our services to our clients saving us time and saving our client’s money. We believe in 4 Ps (People, Process, Product, Performance).

1) People

Once we take on a task, we map the task to be done to the most appropriate staff in our firm who has the skill, education and training to carry out that task in the most efficient manner. Right person for the right job is our motto.

2) Process

We have a standard operating procedure and a process for delivering our services. The process has been established as a guideline after many many years of experience. We have spent many man hours doing, learning and researching the best method of delivering the work in the most efficient manner.

3) Product

We believe in using the right tools and technologies available to enhance the user experience of our clients. We are living in the 21st century and have worked with many technologies available out there to deliver work in an efficient and secure manner.

4) Performance

We welcome constructive feedback from our clients on how we are performing on our commitments. We like to be measured both quantitatively and qualitatively so that we can make positive changes in our firm, our employees and our culture to achieve maximum results for our clients.